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NosoMN pool

2% fee πŸ™‚



payment Interval: 25 Blocks

Mining using noso-2m :

noso-2m is a miner for nosocoin on Linux, macOS, Android (Termux), and Windows. The latest version can download here.

  • Using command arguments./noso-2m -a YOUR-NOSO-ADDRESS -t YOUR-THREADS-COUNT --pools="" Or, just simple omit the mining pool argument as pool f04ever is default inΒ noso-2m./noso-2m -a YOUR-NOSO-ADDRESS -t YOUR-THREAD-NUMBER
  • Using config file by putting the config below, with your corresponding information, into fileΒ noso-2m.cfgΒ located in the same folder ofΒ noso-2m address YOUR-NOSO-ADDRESS
    Now, you just launchΒ noso-2mΒ using command without argument./noso-2m
  • The more information for solo mining and advanced using noso-2m can be found here.

Using other miners:

For other miners like consominermobileminer,… please find details in their corresponding github’s repositories, or asking for help on the nosocoin’s discord channel.

Thank you for joining pool!

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